The Journey continues - by Sri M

A book with mind blowing information that defies the essence of modern science, which is struggling to pinpoint the abode of consciousness and the mystic world of Mind. The fascinating experiences of the Living Yogi is a rich tribute and undeniable testimony to the unfathomable power, ability and expanse of the “Brain-Mind Complex” that can reform the bridge of Neuroscience, Quantum Physics and Spirituality. After three decades of surgical exploration of the Crown Jewel I remain unnerved as a mere priest in the Temple of Brain.

Dr Venkataramana N K, Neurosurgeon
Founder - Bangalore Regenerative
Advanced Institute of Neurosciences (BRAINS)

Date of dispatch of the new book is from 22nd April, 2017 onwards. The book will be delivered within 4-5 days within India and between 10-15 days outside of India.